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Created : 2016-10-29


Nickname : blazingninja412
From : Philippines
Age : 18 years
Language : English
Level : 0 to 1000
Role(s) :


hi, im matthew :P

my username on dota 2 is blazingninja412

(it was my username i came up of when i was 7 :P)


im looking for a team, thats all



-i can play support if needed

-i have mad farming skills (if im carry :P)

-i am very afraid to go mid .-.

-i aint afraid to use techies *insert lenny face here*

-my profile level is at 9

-just looking for people my level to play with on a team

-i live in the philippines (so yeah... timezones...)

-im active whenever you need me (just not on any of my exams)

-i push the lanes and towers and get the mega creeps ._.

-i have yt, soundcloud, twitter, and other stuff



-i killed a lv1 19 drow ranger that killed everyone on my team (while i was still lvl 14)

-i denied our middle tower while an enemy pa was about to rush mid with a massive creep wave

-i sacrificed myself for the team once

-i took an aegis from our ursa who did 99% of taking down rosh :D

-i got an ultra kill with weaver while i was lvl 18

-i killed a spirit breaker as techies while it was charging (spirit breaker stepped on my land mines)

-i won a match with no deaths, just 10 or more kills and a bunch of assists against dudes with profile levels of 14-32 (my team however...)

-i read a novel once

-i sneaked into their base to destroy their ancient :D (shadow blade is op)


eh, i think thats good enough... :/


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