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Created : 2017-01-03


Nickname : JJ.Never
From : Italy Italy
Age : 25 years
Language : English
Level : 4001 to 5000
Role(s) :


Hi everybody!

My name's Gabriele, i'm 24 yo and i'm an italian Dota 2 player that want to reach professional tournaments and want to achieve some goals in this too.

I play since 30/07/2014, till now, i got 7000 more hours of play; i dedicated myself to learn more and more and improve my clicking and precision speed, in addition to map awareness, cour control and other tricky things. I'm a very good positive player and a great decisional maker, i can manage my team in early game for smoke gank and other particular strategy.

I know my MMR maybe is too low for ask to find a team, because people just read the MMR and skip to another offer, but i really want to tell you, that you have the opportunity to have with you a very very good player, always growing up his skill, playing everyday, min. 12 hours at day. I'm pretty sure that if i should play against 8k, i should be not so far from them, on skill, cause i think Dota is Dota, and if you can understand and break his rules, and you're good to be good with your hands, you can REALLY do it, to play in professional.

I'm growing up my solo MMR anycase, rising up from 1.800 MMR to 4000 in 2.5 years is good i think, as i always played ranked till i joined Dota 2.

I want to reach 8k, and like i said when i started to play guitar, 14 years ago: "I want to be better than Jimmy Page at his best." and actually i did it, without shame; i'll reach 8k too, cause i want to be better than Arteezy and i want to start play piano, better than Dendi. :)

I hope that you 6k/7k/8k will add me and, at least, give me a chance to show you my skill, in some matches or lobby. Then you can choose if i'm a valuable player or not.

I link you my steam community profile:


Best Regards,


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