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Created : 2017-01-09


Nickname : Kermithefrog
From : Greece Greece
Age : 22 years
Language : English
Level : Unranked
Role(s) :


Hello my name is Nick,

im a skillful player in mobas and fps but i luck experience with the specific game looking for a team to show me more experienced tricks and tips and move on competitively.

I know most basic stuff about dota , i dont know all heroes but most used for sure .. i love the idea of team games and strategies and etc behind it !

I have about ~200 hours on dota used to play LoL and HotS far more on those than dota tho never ranked cause i dont like solo que (mostly getting bored playing alone) 

Im 21 y.o student im very active, except maybe some very specific times of the year( exams etc )which even there I can find time for gaming.

No need to get into the most hardcore team rightaway (i actually wish i had the experience for that ) even just some casual games to practise with the team / teamates.

Would prefer a constructive team than drama and curse-thunderstorm ( some of that is tolerable of course )

Role preference: i generally avoid tanky classes .. i just do idk :P  After than im happy to feel any spot i can indeed back up my team the best THEY need !

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