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Created : 2019-06-18


Nickname : Autum
From : Indonesia Indonesia
Age : 20 years
Language : English
Level : 4001 to 5000
Role(s) :


hi, im just a guy that really want to chase my dream to become pro dota 2 player and streamer, my name is Christopher Prakoso im 18 Y.O i live in Indonesia, i dropped out of my college and trying to become a pro player at dota 2. I ussually play ane role at solo ranked (mostly support but i try to play mid and carry, i can play offlane too), and at party ranked i play any posisition. Currently im in rank of archon 4 ( still working on it to reach immortal), i ussualy play party queue on all pick / turbo with my friend that have a rank of legend and ancient, sometimes we find a difficult enemy that have a rank of divine. I can play for 24 hour stragiht but i cant because of my family, they ask me to search for job or activity, i told them many times that i want to become a pro player and do livestream, but they thought it just a waste of time. Thats why im looking for a team, ill work hard to achieve what i want, to become the best player not only on SEA but in the world, i hope by getting myself into a team and start getting an earning from that, my family will understand and really support me on chasing my dream. im really willing to learn and becoming better player, if i got a good support from my family ill really push myself until i reach the rank of Immortal


P.S. Im sorry for my bad english :)

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