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Created : 2019-06-01


Team : Relentless Gaming
Nation(s) : United States United States
Website : http://WIP

[EU] [NA] Relentless Gaming recruiting Archon+ teams

Looking for : 5 Player(s)
Language : English
Level min : Unranked
Professional team : No
Remuneration : No
Role(s) :


Relentless Gaming is a new gaming organization that is currently striving to branching out to different games with the intention of turning to multigaming, that is a common platform that has active teams in multiple games.A new organization needs new teams, that's why recruitment is now open for Dota.Currently we cannot be labelled as an esports organization, we are mostly aiming at casual and some competitive play.

We are looking for one or two Archon+ teams to join with a team captain for each.

Those who wish to join as individual members without a pre-arranged team can do so if they wish to create bonds with other players in our team and play together.

Requirements that must be met by all members (EU or NA only):


  1. Age: 18+

  2. Have a headset for communication purposes.

  3. Be on Discord.

  4. Read the general and discord rules on our server.

  5. Follow Staff guidelines.

  6. If you participate in competitive play online or offline, represent Relentless Gaming with the material we will provide you (logo, twitch streaming material). There's no need to change your ingame name, that's up to you.

To join, you will have to enter our Discord server and contact a Staff member and present yourself and your team. If we are comfortable with what you have, we will accept you and send you the material you need to play and stream (wallpapers, streaming material tailored to the game).PS: for streaming material you will have to discuss with our Staff.

Thank you for the read,


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